What we do

For the past 10 years, we have been collaborating with land and facility owners to build PV projects of the highest quality. Thanks to their winning partnership with Amarenco, farmers, local authorities, businesses, land owners and real estate developers throughout France and Ireland have been able to unlock untapped economic advantages.Whether you own or control land, a body of water or a roof suitable to build a PV installation, or even if you already own a solar power plant, partnering with Amarenco can bring the following benefits:

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Amarenco can bring the following benefits:
  • 1
    Generate new income
    we provide the investment to build the solar installation, and you get a regular rent on your land or facility.
  • 2
    Replace your entire roof for free
    The refurbishment can include asbestos removal.
  • 3
    Get a new covered area for free
    Amarenco will provide the investment to build a solar structure for you to use, such as a solar warehouse, tennis or bowling solar canopy, or solar carports.
  • 4
    Develop new agricultural production techniques
    to cultivate your agri-food products in solar greenhouses or aviaries. These solutions can help you to protect your crops and livestock from bad weather, to reduce the cost of your farm insurance, but also enable you to produce fruits and vegetables with superior organoleptic properties.
  • 5
    Boost your reputation as an environmentally friendly organisation
  • 6
    Contribute to the clean energy independence of your region
  • 7
    Save on your electricity bills
    by self-consuming the solar power produced on site.
  • 8
    Get new cash flow or generate a capital
    gain by buying back your existing plant.
  • 9
    Acquire a reliable and autonomous solar lighting solution
    allowing you to reduce your electricity bill at all times.
Our solutions
infrastructures photovoltaïques

solar photovoltaic infrastructures

We offer a broad range of solar photovoltaic solutions including solar installations on building rooftops, on the ground, on agricultural sheds or commercial carports, as well as floating PV installations. In addition, we also offer a range of autonomous solar lighting solutions. Learn more.
Brique à énergie

Amarenco’s Energy Brick

Our R&D team develops next-generation solar solutions focused on energy management and IOT: Off-grid Solar Energy Bricks & Grid-connected Solar Energy Bricks
Our services
We have solid technical, engineering, commercial and legal skills.
Financing & Investment
We have acquired considerable experience in project finance, both for projects in development and for the acquisition of power plants already in operation. We can set up diverse investment solutions including equity financing, crowdfunding and non-recourse bank financing among others.
Une expertise AMO et EPC complète et pointue
Operation & Maintenance
Our teams of O&M and asset management professionals are dedicated to managing and optimising the performance of our PV plants and maximizing long term asset profitability.